Benefits of Therapy

 Therapy helps when 'Somethings bothering me' ' I can't stop thinking', 'I can't sleep', 'I feel uncomfortable, distressed or flat'  ' I don't feel like myself' ' I don't want to keep feeling this way.'


Art Therapy is the most successful 'non-verbal', counselling psychology in the world. It has existed for centuries in many cultures. 

Don't be misled by the word 'Art' in Art Therapy. It's not about Art.

An Art Therapist uses a process of client self-expression  and  marks made by the client, using Art Media, crayons and paper, to help clients understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, manage problems, reduce anxiety, and restore normal function to their lives. 

The Art Therapy  Success Story

Release your troubles.

After hours appointments available.


Confidential, Secure building, parking on site.

Safe, non-clinical, environment. Friendly relaxed conversation between therapist and you.

Art Therapists work with all ages and life challenges; and assist a diverse range of clients, from those with behavioral or emotional problems, to clients with no issues who simply seek greater personal insight into their lives to enhance well being and understanding of themselves.

Art Therapy attributes much of its success to engaging the client in an appropriate way that facilitates communication with both conscious and subconscious material, by alternating between emotional, sensory and cognitive functions.

Art therapy is a proven effective treatment for people dealing with the following:

  •  struggling with frightening  recurring memories or upsetting emotions as a result of trauma, or abuse, including PTSD and birth trauma.

  • emotional struggles with illness or serious medical health conditions or physical disabilities, terminal illness, depression.

  • experiencing stress, anxiety, persistent low mood, or grief

  • struggle to process strong emotions in a helpful and safe way, anger, envy, jealousy, regret, guilt, sadness, fear, frustration

  • finding difficulty in changing problematic behaviour, finding own direction, or making choices.

  • recent changes in life, biological, location, relationship, emotional  or physical 

  • low mood depression, and post natal depression

  • Clients on medication, for depression, and anxiety can experience relief, and progress through Art Therapy.

Who Might not Benefit from Art Therapy?

Art Therapy works within the subconscious and conscious mind, to process and modify emotions, and memory perception.

It is least effective with permanent brain injuries, genetically inherited or since diagnosed permanent psychiatric disorders. 

Art Therapy has been proven to be very beneficial with emotional conditions, including depression. Depression, anger, anxiety, trauma, panic, grief and loss are not psychiatric disorders and therefore respond well to Art Therapy Counseling.

Therapist Credentials

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal & Art Therapy - Ikon Institute (Dip.TaT)

Art Therapy - Renaissance Life Therapies (AT)

Diploma of Education - Secondary Teacher-Qld University Kelvin Grove (Dip.Ed)

Bachelor of Business - Qld University Kedron Park (BB)

Other Mental Health and Personal Growth  Specialised Studies

Cognitive and Behavioural Psychologies

Life Coaching

Expressive Creative Therapies

Inner Confidence & Assertiveness Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy and Trauma Strategies (trainer Cathy Malchiodi PhD)

Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors (trainer Janina Fisher PhD)

Interactive Drawing Therapy (trainer Florence Ee) 

Symbols and Paper for Self Awareness and Personal Growth Therapy (Gloria Vitkunas. Ed Qld)

Sand Play Therapy -Expressive Therapies Institute

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Neurological Strategies for Implementing Change and Achieving Goals. (Joe Fedison)

Implementing Focus and Motivation Strategies (Kain Ramsay)

'We can't change the past, but
We can  choose to release ourselves from it,
To understand who we are, 
To discover who we want to become.
Therapy can helps change the focus
From where we've been,
To where we want to go, 
To imagine what it will feel like when we get there.

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