Every child is born confident, but that confidence is fragile.
When a child struggles to learn, their confidence declines and can impact their belief in themselves negatively for the rest of their life.
Early intervention with learning support could change your child's life!
Learning support using confidence building techniques is available now.

Literacy & Numeracy (Reading, Writing, Math) Learning Support or Homework Help

  • Can you child count to 300, and write those numbers correctly unassisted?

  • Can your child read a Level 3 reader quickly and fluently without help?

  • Can your child read, spell and write at least 100 - 300 high frequency sight words unassisted?

  • Does your child sometimes write some numbers or letters upside down/back the front?


If your child is in Prep to Year 3 and you answered No, it might not be entirely your child's fault. DON'T WAIT TO SEE THEM FALL FURTHER BEHIND


A classroom teacher with 20+ students, is able to average about 10 minutes of individual time per student per week, AND ONLY if none of the students in that class disrupt the flow.

Disruptive students mainly fall within 2 areas: 

1. They can't keep up, or don't understand, and seek to divert attention away from this fact.

2. They are ahead of the level being taught, and bored with the material.


Number 1 is the most common reason for misbehaviour.

Teachers can give an advanced student extension material which they can work on alone, yet it is almost impossible for a teacher to provide lower level Students with the volume of individual attention they need to cater to their unique learning style and bring them up to the expected level of their age peers.

When children feel confident doing an activity, they want to repeat that success.

30% of all children attending primary school fail to thrive and enjoy school because their unique learning style isn't able to be catered to in a full cohort class room. If your child is struggling, get them help as early as possible, before their confidence is shattered. 

Every child has a preferred learning process unique to them, which individualised learning support can provide to help your child keep up academically. Grades 1 to 3, are when the major building blocks of learning set the scene for numeracy and literacy skills that impact the rest of your child's life at school and beyond.

Numeracy and Literacy, spelling, reading, writing, comprehending, sequencing, and communicating, are skills that impact across every subject area.


Early intervention using targeted learning strategies, supported by confidence building counselling techniques can be the key to helping your child transition from struggling to successful, and to feeling confident in themselves and their ability.

If your child is getting poor results, they won't enjoy school, and may even misbehave or develop mysterious illnesses (with no symptoms) to avoid peers finding out that they're struggling.  A classroom teacher, no matter how good they are, simply doesn't have the time to focus on each individual child's needs.


Developing confident learners that thrive can change a child's school experience from dread to celebration (and perhaps avoid the need for therapy later in their adult life).  Your child may just know that they 'hate homework, spelling, reading or math', and not realise that it's because they just don't understand. Your child will thank you for getting them help when they need it, before they get too far behind that it's impossible to catch up.

One session per week addressing your child's area of need, or doing their homework and teaching them strategies for learning can change school from grim to great.

How to Get Help.  $30 per 40 minutes.

Step 1: Phone 0407 655 383 to make an appointment for individual learning support.

Step 2: Bring the child to the appointment with samples of what they are struggling with e.g. Spelling words, Homework sheet, home reader, samples of school work that demonstrates their area of need.

(Some home visit appointments may be available upon request @ $45 per 30 minutes)

Your tutor is a trained learning support teacher.

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