Art and the Brain


Neuroscience shows that the human brain is a constantly developing and changing organism.

By including Artistic Expression and Creativity in our regular life schedule, we expose our brain to new ideas and new skills, sparking constant changes that reorganize and develop new neural pathways and improved connections.

Just as physical exercise develops our body, being 'In the Art zone' helps maintain our brain, our breathing, our emotions and body systems, as we relax, restore and rejuvenate our wellbeing in the same way as Meditation but easier to access.

Perfect for persons who struggle to 'switch off' and relax.


Art allows us to 'switch off' our constant left brain 'over-thinking mind chatter' and allows our emotional, intuitive, creative problem solving, out of the box solution finding, right brain to rejuvenate and restore our emotional energy.

With a few basic skills Learning to create Art is as easy as learning to read. 

Experience the joy of seeing the world in a different way, create beautiful images and build your confidence.

Your Art Teacher is a multi prize-winning Artist, so you can learn from the best.

Samples can be seen under the Art tab on this site.

How to enroll:

'Small Class' -Bookings are essential as 'places' are limited.

Class Materials provided. 9.30am - 11.30am Thurs & Friday.

Reserve your place by texting 0407 655 383.

How to pay:

You can pay cash at the door. (Note: no change/or cash is kept on-site)

OR pre-pay by EFT: Margaret Keal BSB 014203 Account 499582061 and

advise payment by text. (Include surname & class date as EFT reference)

What to Expect:

Confident Art comes from a relaxed Art Creator, thus classes are supported by soothing calm-inducing background music.  Content usually results from student suggestions or requests made during a previous lesson.

To cater to levels from total beginner, students are shown a skill, then choose an image to create to practice that skill while incorporating their individual ideas. Individuality is encouraged, everyone irrespective of experience has a creative side, waiting to come out and turn the source material into their 'own' original artwork.

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